Christian “Flick” Stevenson and his fiancé Margo Bennett are both American graduate students studying demonology. They and two colleagues and their professor are in Prague to investigate the Devil’s Throne—a mysterious chair built by members of the Occult, that supposedly can summon the Devil.

When Margo is brutally attacked, and left dying in a hospital, Flick determines to do whatever necessary to save the love of his life. Even if it means allying with the demonic forces behind the Devil’s Throne. Even if it means sacrificing others for a frightening ritual that will grant the Prince of Darkness dominion over the earth for eternity.

A modern Gothic set in the Heart of Europe. A love story that inspires even the Devil. An ancient artifact promising power and immortality, but at a deadly price.

Come in, have a seat, and enjoy…

The Devil’s Throne.       


THE LEK. An irreverent, X-Rated, dystopian satire.

In a post-apocalyptic future where procreation is strictly regulated, twelve males, known as Potential Seeders, pre-selected by a female, known as a Queen Bee, must compete in a deadly competition known as the Lek, a gauntlet comprised of twelve challenges.

The winner earns not only reproductive rights with the female, but a place in a utopian society called Haven, built for the New Humanity.

“X,” a charismatic and cunning cripple, and eleven other males, are competing for Jezschwick Klump, the most beautiful Queen Bee in the Lek’s history. But Jez, a rebellious and clever girl, having escaped her handlers, has determined to destroy the Lek by any means possible.

While the males are eliminated one by one over the course of the gauntlet, Jez’s fledgling rebellion gradually unites the districts against the Lek.

But can the Lek really be toppled? Can true freedom be obtained? Jez will have to join forces with X to find out the truth.


What would you do if you were the given the chance to have your worst enemy killed, free of charge, without any chance of facing repercussions? Would you take it?

Such is the offer from a mysterious organization that calls itself the Service.

For Gil Stafford, who even at age 34 still has night terrors from the horrible abuse he suffered as a child from his alcoholic father, the choice is easy. That very night the Service kills the old man in clandestine fashion. Now the happily married father of one can at last rest easy. Right?

Except Gil’s long-estranged twin sister Gabby, a paranoid schizophrenic, happened to be with her father the night of the hit. One afternoon she shows up on Gil’s doorstep and asks, “Why did you murder our father?”

Gabby has no real evidence. Only an “insane conspiracy theory.” What danger could she possibly pose? Except Gabby has made it her mission to get justice for her father’s murder, by any means possible.

For Gil, confession means not only implicating himself, but exposing the secretive Service. An organization that will stop at nothing to protect itself. An intractable dilemma with a disturbing truth: Gil’s indirect act of revenge may bring about the destruction of himself and his family.