How to Make FAT Stacks With Mini-Videos on YouTube

Niche Knowledge #5: Braso

Screenshot of Braso’s YouTube channel:

To say that this latest niche I stumbled across blew my mind would be a massive understatement. If you work a dreadful 9–5, prepare to be downright demoralized after finding out how this guy makes giant gobs of money with this clever, simple niche.

Or perhaps you’ll be inspired instead. 🙂

Whether you loathe or love Andrew Tate, the fact is, the man gets ATTENTION. And attention equals dollars.

Enter a simple little YouTube channel called “Braso,” devoted entirely to “Daily Tate videos & commentary!”

Yep, that’s pretty much it. Let’s dig in.


Braso uploads micro vids of and about Andrew Tate multiple times a day. As in about every 2–3 hours. In just the last 24 hours, the channel has put up 9 videos.

These are NOT YouTube shorts, mind you. These videos are posted on the main channel. They’re just really short and to the point.

Each video is generally only about 1–2 minutes long, with some as long as six minutes or more. Footage is cut up from news clips and videos from Tate’s social media, with a sprinkling of voice over commentary.

Thumbnails are clickbaity, emphasizing even the slightest bit of Tate news as ultra controversial. Often focusing on ONE particular news item or development.

What’s most interesting about Braso is how the channel can take one tiny bit of video of Tate and essentially recycle it endlessly.

The brief clip of Tate walking around shirtless in his house right after release from prison, for instance, has been used in DOZENS of uploads. Clips of Tate and his brother Tristan leaving the jailhouse surrounded by media has also been “churned” endlessly.


Now for the mind blowing part. Check out this screenshot from Social Blade and prepare to be gobsmacked.

Source: Screenshot from Social Blade,

That’s right. This “little” channel of only 220,000 subscribers rakes in somewhere between $5k and an eye-popping $80k a MONTH posting about Andrew Tate. Even if that estimate were closer to the lower end, say, about $20k a month, that’s still a staggering number.

Broken down even further, that comes to anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars PER DAY.

Views range in the few thousands all the way up to the millions. Comments are in the hundreds, even for videos that are only a few hours old, proving that the Tate Army remains an active, growing community.

Braso IS monetized through Google Adsense. I checked myself in an icognito browser, getting a brief six-second ad for Purdue Global, an online university.

Video uploads also contain what may possibly be an affiliate link to a Tate-related website called that purports to teach “how to make money in the digital age.”

Clearly, the Braso channel acts as a sales funnel into the Tate universe.

Niche Deets

Braso certainly benefits from the controersial figure of Andrew Tate. Especially in the wake of his recent release from jail in Romania.

But like any figures of controversy, Braso gets additional traffic bonuses anytime Andrew Tate trends in the news. Which is kind of often.

Even if you’re a Tater Hater, it’s worth studying this channel and gleaning insights on digital marketing. It takes advantage of waning attention spans and increasing competition on YouTube by making very SHORT to-the-point videos. Braso is all about quantity, not quality.

This “micro-video” strategy has several advantages. It allows for faster uploads. More uploads overall. And it constantly feeds the YouTube algorithm. Which means the likelihood of a video landing and getting virally spread increases faster.

It’s the shotgun method, so to speak. Eventually, when enough videos start to hit, the subscriber count begins to balloon. Then most videos get thousands of views regardless of the algo. Then it’s off to the races. And now this channel is making close to the average annual income in the United States in ONE month.

Another thing this channel does very smartly, is center itself around a very SPECIFIC topic — Andrew Tate, of course. Take a look at how the videos are titled in this snapshot:

Source: Screenshot from Braso YouTube channel:

ALL of them contain “Andrew Tate” in the title. It may seem like a small thing, but repeating the subject constantly can help you “hack” the YouTube algo, and make you rank better for a particular keyword.

You could do the same thing with other figures, or other topics, and likely achieve better results, no matter your niche of choice.


Braso provides an effective goldmine of a model to study and learn from for how to create a viral video platform around a given topic. Even when the niche is already crowded. Tate is only one of the most popular people on the internet. You’d think there’d be no way to break in on a channel about him. Yet Braso did, by utilizing a smart strategy:

  • Pick a popular/trending topic
  • Make ultra-short videos about the topic
  • Write highly focused titles that always name the topic
  • Reuse clips and news footage (churning)
  • Make simple clickbait thumbnails
  • Upload constantly and regularly

Could this clever and very strategic YouTube model work on other popular and trending topics, and get similar, highly lucrative results? Could you do this on, say, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, or others? I’d say there’s a good possibility. What do you think?

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