This Simple YouTube Niche is Faceless, Easy to Start, and Monetizes Quickly

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Oh, and competition doesn’t seem to matter much for this niche, either. The YouTube ecosystem is so massive, there’s room for all sorts of similar, competing channels.

All of the channels I found in this niche have thousands to even hundreds of thousands of followers, and were all started within the last year. Some even had videos on virtually identical topics.

So, what niche am I talking about?

The “famous quotes” niche.

Basically, it’s just a slideshow of quotes by a famous person, usually against a black or decorative backdrop, set to copyright-free music, and read either by a human voiceover, or an AI voice that sounds pretty close to human.

That’s it. These videos feature quotes from all kinds of people. From celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, to writers like Oscar Wilde, philosophers like Confucius, to scientists like Albert Einstein. This niche falls mostly in the educational category, though it also crosses over with the historical, motivational and self-development niches as well.

This niche has undoubtedly been around for many years, both on YouTube and on boring old static websites. But it seems to have recently experienced a bit of a resurgence. I researched four channels, and all of them have experienced significant growth in just the last few months.

As a YouTube enthusiast, and someone who tries to be a “student of markets,” as legendary copywriter Gary Halbert says, I love discovering new niches. It’s fascinating to me to see the kinds of things people like. What sorts of trends suddenly become popular. And then seeing opportunistic YouTubers take advantage of those latest trends and start channels that become sucessful.

Oh, and another thing. This quotes niche is also one that could be easily outsourced and automated.

Screenshot by author.

The biggest channel I found was the appropriatly named Quotes channel. At the time of this writing, this channel has 454,000 subscribers. The screenshot above was taken about a week ago. That means in just the last seven days, this channels has gained over 10,000 new subscribers!

Screenshot by author.

According to Social Blade, a site that tracks and ranks different forms of social media, and estimates advertising income, Quotes currently makes somewhere between $950-$15,200 a month. Even if you take the lower estimate of that, say, closer to $2000-$3,000, that’s still pretty good, considering this channel generally updates every few days. And that’s just from Google Adsense.

The Quotes YouTube channel was started only last September, and in the eight months since has built up almost a 500,000 subscriber base. Not bad for a channel with only about 80 uploads.

Screenshot by author.

Here’s another fast growing quotes channel: Wisdom of the Ages. The above screenshot was also taken about a week ago. Since then, Wisdom’s subscriber count has increased to 109,000, for an increase of almost 15,000. This quotes niche is really exploding recently, and shows little signs of slowing down.

Wisdom mixes it up by making the video titles more descriptive and engaging.

Screenshot by Author.

As you can see in the above screenshot, Wisdom of the Ages makes somewhere between $365-$5,800 in monthly revenue from Google Adsense. That’s pretty decent for a channel that generally only posts about once a week. The channel was started almost 10 months ago. Its most popular video features quotes by Confucius, with almost 3 million views.

Screenshot by Author.

Well Said! is another quotes channel I found. This one has garnered over 2,000,000 views since its inception in February. However, according to Social Blade, this channel has set its subscriber and info profile to private. It does not appear to be monetized, either. I opened up the channel in incognito mode, and played several videos. There were no bumper ads or overlays.

Given the channel’s impressive viewer count in only four months, and the fact that its most popular video has over 600,000 views, it’s quite likely this channel has surpassed the threshold for YouTube monetization (1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months). It’s possible the channel creator has decided to forego monetization. Currently, the channel is updated every few days.

Screenshot by author.

Lastly, there’s Quote of the Day, a channel actively started only about two months ago, but now has almost 14,000 subscribers. Like the other screenshots before, the one above was also taken a week ago. That’s 6,000 new subscribers in just seven days.

Quote of the Day has been very busy, even as a brand new channel in what seemingly might be a “saturated” niche. In its eight short weeks of life, here’s what this channel has accomplished according to its Social Blade profile:

Screenshot by Author.

Quote of the Day takes advantage of YouTube’s Shorts, as well. One thing I noticed that’s really cool about this niche, is that it’s very transferable. You could easily upload quotes videos to other places like TikTok and Instagram to increase and diversify revenue streams.

Quote of the Day also makes use of Amazon affiliate marketing, as seen in the shot below:

Screenshot by author.

Quote of the Day is inspiring to me, and not just because of its content, but because it shows you don’t have to be the first, the second, or even somewhere in the middle, to start a successful YouTube channel in a growing niche. You could even be dead last, and still build a decent following. There are millions (billions, probably at this point) of people watching YouTube everyday. These four channels show that there’s enough room for everybody in even the smaller niches.

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