NEW BOOK: The Devil’s Throne

My new novel has just been released, and is available for purchase now on Amazon. 

“The Devil’s Throne.” Cover design by “Denywicka.”

I’ve just released my third self-published, and fourth overall novel, THE DEVIL’S THRONE.

Available here on Amazon for purchase, and through Kindle Unlimited. 

Here’s the synopsis:

Christian “Flick” Stevenson and his fiancé Margo Bennett are both American graduate students studying demonology. They and two colleagues and their professor are in Prague to investigate the Devil’s Throne — a mysterious chair built by members of the Occult, that supposedly can summon the Devil.

When Margo is brutally attacked, and left dying in a hospital, Flick determines to do whatever necessary to save the love of his life. Even if it means allying with the demonic forces behind the Devil’s Throne. Even if it means sacrificing others for a frightening ritual that will grant the Prince of Darkness dominion over the earth for eternity.

A modern Gothic set in the Heart of Europe. A love story that inspires even the Devil. An ancient artifact promising power and immortality, but at a deadly price.

Come in, have a seat, and enjoy…

The Devil’s Throne.

I wrote The Devil’s Throne back in 2019, right after The Lek. It’s primarily in the horror genre, as can be gathered from the front cover design, but possesses a balanced mix of dark humor. It’s inspired from such classics as Dracula and the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart, that formed the basis for Hellraiser. If you like films like An American Werewolf in London, Drag Me to Hell, The Evil Dead, This Is the End, and other horror/comedies that place a little more emphasis on the chills than on the giggles, than you’ll likely enjoy The Devil’s Throne

At its heart, my novel is a love story. One centered around the question: How far would you go to save the person you love? My main character, Flick, engages in the ultimate Faustian bargain to save his fiancé, Margo, which just may bring about the apocalypse.

Good God, what some men will do for love.

I’ve always wanted to write a “romance.” Not one of those steamy ones, mind you, with some barechested sexy pirate with long hair on the front cover manhandling a swooning damsel. Something more grounded and relatable, but with a supernatural element. Something with a frightful, tooth-lined edge. Something gory, with a moral dilemma component. I’ve always liked stories where ordinary people are compelled to commit depraved acts out of necessity. 

I’m not sure where or exactly when the idea initially came to me for the novel. It was certainly during my time finishing my degree at NDSU in Fargo, ND. It might have been during one of my long walks through a bitter winter blast. Or during a class where I was wishing to be someplace else. Or maybe I just awoke with the idea one morning. 

As I usually do with ideas, I wrote out the bones of it in an email, and then sent it to myself. And there it sat for perhaps a year or two before I eventually scrounged up the flesh and blood to complete its body. 

It took me several more years to publish it. Until finally, the day came at last. This day. Now. 

I hope you’ll check out The Devil’s Throne. If you do, I hope you’ll enjoy it. 


By the way, the artist who designed the front cover goes by the name “Denywicka” on Fiverr. He’s brilliant, and I was overjoyed at what he came up with for my novel. He specialises in high quality, detailed dark art illustration. Please check out his profile here

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